Logarithmic Pagination Plugin for Wordpress


This plugin will give you an advanced pagination for your Wordpress site. It helps to distribute your link-juice more evenly and provides your users with a better way of navigation through your content.

Limit the number of pages that will be show.

For SEO reasons it makes sense not to show to many links on any given page. You can limit the number of links that will be displayed.

"Previous" & "Next" links

Mainly for user convenience you can choose to display "Previous" & "Next" links. You can also customize how the links are labeled so it matches the lannguage of your site.

Choose where to use it.

Logarithmic Pagination can be enabled seperately for your…

  • blog homepage
  • search results
  • category archives
  • date archives
  • tag archives

Ones or twice

You can also choose to display the page links either…

  • before the loop
  • after the loop
  • or both ;)

(Limited) Localization

The plugin currently provides translations in:

  • English
  • German
  • French (in progress)
  • Dutch (in progress)